Visit at the Sacher Hotel

The Sacher Hotel in Vienna is a very impressive and beautiful building complex in the 1st district. It first opened in 1876 and even at that time the Original Sacher-Torte was sold there. If you ever come to Vienna, you have to go to the Sacher Cafe to taste the delicious cake. The Sacher Cafe is a great place to finish off an evening after a play at the Opera with a piece of Sacher-Torte.

We got a guided tour through the Sacher Hotel by two lovely ladies and they showed and told us many interesting and great things. We were suprised that the Hotel was that big, it has many different styles inside. Luckily, one suite at the top floor was empty, so we were able to shoot from the terrace. It was very difficult for us to choose one or two photos for our instagram page, therefore we decided to show you more insights on our blog.

A stay at the Sacher Hotel..

After leaving your hotel room, you can go by lift or on foot to the breakfast room. In every floor the corridor is built as a circle, which means that it doesn’t matter if you go left or right- you will always find a lift. Then you enjoy a delicious breakfast in the beautiful breakfast room.



Afterwards you can go back to your suite and enjoy the view from the balcony.





From the terrace from the Lulu Suite you can see many different sights from Vienna: the Vienna State Opera, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Albertina, …



In the afternoon you can have a massage at the Sacher Hotel Spa. The Sacher Spa offers different treatments, one special beauty treatment is a massage where you get covered with chocolate – the clou: continuously free of calories. At the end of the day you will dine in the green restaurant.



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